NITECORE TIKI 300 Lumen USB Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight with UV & High CRI clear

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2.25" overall. Water resistant. Impact resistant. Rechargeable. Keychain. OSRAM P8 LED. Auxiliary UV LED. Modes: High (300 lumens 30m runtime). Mid (60 lumens 1h runtime). Low (15 lumens 4h runtime). Ultralow (1 lumen 40h runtime). UV (500mW). Aux White Constant-On (22 lumens 1h 30m runtime). Aux White Warning/Flashing (22 lumens 20h runtime). Micro USB port. Single switch interface. Stainless head with translucent PC body. Requires (1) Lithium battery (included).  clr cont.

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